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Search Engine Optimisation services for Costa del Sol

Search engine optimisation is an absolutely vital ingredient in your website as it is this that gets it working for you on the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. This is a specialist thing and needs to be done by a professional that knows the business and how the search engines work. We have over 100 clients with number 1 search results on Google and over 300 clients with 1st page search results, some with very many 1st page search results.

We have seen some shocking examples of people being charged for SEO – search engine optimisation and quite frankly ending up with none and not knowing that they haven’t. Too many web design companies take advantage of a client’s lack of knowledge on the subject of SEO by fobbing them off with a very poor service, and in some cased charging a small fortune for the privilege!

  • Over 100 clients with number 1 search results on Google
  • Literally 100's of 1st page search results
  • All our websites come with full SEO
  • Reoptimisation for your existing website
  • Proven track record

Why we do it?

All our websites come fully inclusive of SEO! We believe that is how they should be and would never sell a website that we knew would simply not compete on search engines. This is why we get so much work. When a client gets work from their website built by us, we have a great chance of them telling others about us and hence we get referrals and recommendations, the very heart of most of our incoming work.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than clients getting work from their websites as a result of our SEO. It's what gets us more work though recommendations and proved results.

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